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Elijah Badua is a multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Producer & DJ.  Born to a family of artists, his self-taught approach to music led him to some of the most unlikely and impressionable sources of sound.  His passion for classical music was found in Istanbul, Turkey, where he began playing Yaylı Tanbur, a bowed lute built for playing microtonal modes and wailing overtones. 

He has performed at Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Meadows in The Mountains (Bulgaria), and various venues across the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Berlin and New Delhi.

Building upon his root as a classical musician, he began expanding into multimedia audio-visual performance. He started performing and composing the original music for the work Resillusion in 2021 with LA based 3D artist Orbseer, an immersive NFT/experience that takes place on a state of the art 70ft wide concave 3D screen, and has been hosted at Art Basel Miami, and the US Bank Tower, Los Angeles.  For his live set at Lightning In a Bottle, he incorporated audio-visual feedback and an extensive array of visuals in collaboration with digital artist, cinematographer and musician Adrien Oneiga.


His work is a synthesis of music that is both folkloric and futuristic, implementing elements of traditional forms with electronic mediums to create trance induced rhythms and vivid storytelling melodies that are at times soft spoken yet gut wrenching. 


In a world quickly succumbing to convenience and overstimulation, he is putting to practice the art of combining technologies both timeless and groundbreaking that move the listener toward a sort of archaic revival of senses.

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