Elijah Badua is a multi-instrumentalist, producer & DJ.

Born in Northern California to an artistic family of mixed Native, European & Polynesian decent, his experience has been characterized by the ease with which he stands apart from cultural and identifiable norms, leading him to delve into not only his own diverse heritage but the ethnic and creative melting-pot of his culture-clashing frontier home.  He was gifted his first guitar at the age of ten from his mother, a well known musician and painter who would take him on tours across the country.  From there, his interest in stringed instruments grew as he learned to play cello, violin, and eventually meeting Turkish musicians who would introduce him to the yayli tanbur, a bowed instrument from Ottoman Turkey known for its use of complex microtonal modes called makam, and wailing overtones. 

In India, he met gypsy priest-musicians known as Bhopa, from whom he learned to play ravanhattha, an ancient ancestor of the fiddle with a rich oral storytelling tradition.


Having immersed himself in the classical traditions of these instruments, Elijah produces a kind of music that is both folkloric and futuristic, using elements of funk, dub, electro & breakbeat to create pulsating trance induced rhythms and vivid storytelling melodies that are at times soft spoken and gut wrenching. In a world quickly succumbing to convenience and overstimulation, he is putting to practice the art of combining technologies both timeless and groundbreaking that move the listener toward a sort of archaic revival of senses.